Electric Six launch Christmas Kickstarter

Electric Six have launched their latest Kickstarter. Entitled ‘A Very Electric SiXmas & Chill Out!’ it features two discs: the first will be a 12-track Christmas album and the second an acoustic live album.

Backer bonuses include a second karaoke disc, t-shirt, Christmas stocking, personal drunken phone call from DV and much more.

Electric Six is proud to announce its latest Kickstarter campaign today. Entitled “A Very Electric SiXmas & Chill Out!,” this is a two disc set comprised of two very different sets of material. The first disc is E6’s first ever attempt at an old chestnut, the holiday record. Our cover of “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” for The Onion’s AV Club several years ago has been a holiday favorite with the Crazies and we’ve decided that it’s time for an entire record filled with soon to be magical songs and memories associated with the holiday seasons. We’ve indicated a few of the songs we’re going to do in the campaign, but there’s room for many, many more to come. Some of those will be selected by us and some by you, the Crazies, as part of the campaign.

The second disc, the “Chill Out!” record, is another new venture for us. Dick Valentine has been doing live acoustic performances for several years, and he often includes E6 songs in his set. We’ve decided to perform and record a live acoustic set by the entire band. We’re doing it on March 21, 2018 at Small’s in Hamtramck, Michigan (DaVe’s bar/club) and we think it’s going to offer an entirely different perspective on the songs the band opts to do. Again, as with the holiday record, we’ve indicated a few songs which will be part of the set in the campaign, but there will be many more to come via our selections and those of the Crazies. Believe it or not, this may be one of the most challenging things the band has ever done, but Electric Six is ready to step up and face the (non-electrical) music. Now, it should be understood that delivery of these records and all the associated packages will not happen as part of the current holiday seasons. It takes poor old Electric Six awhile to pull everything together, so you’ll get everything in October of 2018, in time for NEXT year’s festivities. The best things in life are worth the wait.

As you look through the campaign, you’ll see the usual wide variety of items on offer. Lots of old favorites are once again available, but we have a few new ones on offer as well, mostly those with a holiday theme. Dick Valentine-created holiday cards! A Dick Valentine stained glass night light! A customized E6 Christmas stocking! Check out all the great packages at the link below. Happy Holidays to everybody!!!

Click here to find out more and to take part.

Dick Valentine Announces Fourth Solo Studio Album ‘robocalls’; live dates

A post on skiddle.com to announce an accompanying live date has revealed the title of Valentine’s fourth solo studio album.

come one, come all to the intimate and festive occasion that is the dick valentine solo acoustic experience! experience a seven-or-eight-times-in-a-lifetime chance to be up close and personal with an american music icon. it’s a low pressure, good time affair as the electric six frontman strips down all your favorite songs from the electric six catalog, plays original solo material and swims in a sea of requested good-time covers.

this tour will be your chance to reach directly into dick valentine’s bag and be one of the first to buy a copy of his latest solo work “robocalls.” “robocalls” is valentine’s fourth solo album and there can be no doubting it will go down as his magnum opus. imagine mac demarco being spliced with gordon lightfoot…and you’ve got two canadians being fused into one. in the background during the splicing procedure, you might hear a trace of “robocalls” emanating from the anesthesiologist’s ipod.

so you know the drill….drop everything and come see dick valentine behaving as a cornered animal as he comes face to face with you, the fans. an night of merriment and frivolity awaits! come see the american troubadour dick valentine take the stage in your town for one unforgettable evening. you will not see electric six in 2017 so this is the next best thing!

According to a release on his Patreon page the album has mostly been recorded and includes a track called ‘The Room Where You and I Will Make Out’.

Nine tracks were done the other day at Figure 8 studios in Brooklyn (three doors down from Hood Hing).   The other three tracks are being done in Michigan with The White Wolf.  Gonna be a good one!

Other dates on the tour include York, Hull, Newcastle and Cardiff.

Kickstarter Updates

‘Randy’s Hot Tonight!’ has been voted as the next song to be included in the ‘You’re Welcome’ Kickstarter, beating ‘Pulling the Plug on the Party’ to the top spot.

Randy’s Hot Tonight! – 9 votes
Pulling The Plug on the Party – 7
Bite Me – 5
Countdown To The Countdown – 2

This follows ‘I Invented the Night’ and ‘Dance Pattern’ added on previous stretch goal votes. An additional stretch goal – not based around a vote – is expected today (Sunday).

Electric Six Launch ‘You’re Welcome’ Kickstarter

Electric Six have launched their fourth Kickstarter campaign for a new live album recorded in Oxford in April 2017.

The album, entitled ‘You’re Welcome’, will be recorded at the Oxford Academy on 22nd April 2017 and released to Kickstarters alongside a range of incentives including a t-shirt, poster and karaoke disc, alongside other one-offs such as choosing a track to be performed live for the album, a special encore and a tarot reading from lead singer Dick Valentine.

The 2-disc set will include an album of covers and the live album, which will consist of songs that didn’t feature on live album ‘Absolute Pleasure’ or DVD / Blu-Ray ‘Absolute Treasure’, some not having been played live before.

Alongside backers being able to pick live songs, the following five tracks have been confirmed for inclusion on the live disc:

  • Newark Airport Boogie
  • I’m The Bomb
  • Night Vision
  • MC Sucka DJ
  • Rock and Roll Evacuation

Alongside the usual offers there is a chance for backers to become part of a subscription network where they get a special track every three months, which may be a demo, remix of fully finished track preview.

The Kickstarter campaign is looking for $30,000 and had already reached $18,000 within twenty-four hours of its launch.

You can also buy tickets for the event at www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/DEH2204Z


New Album Title Confirmed

According to this post on Amazon the new album will be called ‘Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres’, which has now been confirmed on Electric Six’s official Facebook page.

Due for release on October 7th here is the press statement:

Eternal life can seem like an eternity. Ask any vampire. The continuous march of sun ups, sun downs, transformations of form, seductions, cape fittings & exsanguinations. Eventually it all just becomes an endless, tired routine. It all seems so exciting & so sexy to those of us who operate knowing we have limited time. But ask any vampire about the downside of eternal life, & you won’t be surprised to hear tales of binge eating garlic bread just to feel the hurt, or of the occasional dangling of a wooden stake just over the center of the rib cage. Electric Six knows all about eternal life. Electric Six has been around forever & it can never die. That’s lovely, but it’s also very tiring. Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres is the new release by Electric Six on Metropolis Records. One listen & you will immediately understand that the sexiest vampires are urban vampires. Where E6 has dabbled in dance, hip-hop & R&B in the past, Fresh Blood is the whole enchilada. It’s thirteen songs designed to make the listener interested in smooth & nasty fuckin’, the way they do it in the city. From the Grandmaster Flash-inspired Number Of The Beast to the super smooth tour of the NYC outer boroughs Mood Is Improving, the listener finds himself immediately deposited into an urban drop zone with hustlas & dickblockas coming from behind every corner. The radio-ready pop hits I’ll Be In Touch & Dance With Dark Forces are the tracks that get the listener off the street & into the club. & it would not be an Electric Six album without an epic closer, that being the beautiful & haunting Spacewalkin’, the ballad that assures the listener that the vampire has now fed & will live a thousand more years, albeit in outer space. Electric Six changes more frequently than change itself, but ultimately this just means they’re never gonna put out the same album twice. Fresh Blood for Tired Vampires is poppy & smooth, nasty & raw…& oh so life affirming, especially if you are undead

More as we hear it.

New Album, Song Title Rumours

Below are the confirmed tracks for the upcoming new album:

1. Acid Reducer
2. Number of The Beast
3. Mood Is Improving
4. I’ll Be In Touch
5. Lottery Reptiles
6. Dance WIth Dark Forces
7. Skin Caboose
8. My Dreams
9. Greener Pastures
10. I Got The Box
11. Lee Did This To Me
12. The Lover’s Pie
13. Space Walkin’

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