Kickstarter Stretch Goal now available

With the main money target reached, Electric Six has now announced a Kickstarter stretch goal.

Crazies, you’ve done gone and done it. $35K…issa Stretchy. So here’s the deal: all of those who have pledged (either now or by the end of voting on Thursday, July 3, 2014) can send us a message via Kickstarter with their selection indicated as to which of the following three songs they wish to see E6 record and include on the “Mimicry” portion of “Mimicry And Memories.” Those nominated songs are:

1. Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac – Those of you who witnessed the June US tour likely saw this one done on stage with E6 and Yip Deceiver. The recorded version will include the YD boyz.

2. Easy Lover  by Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey – The two Phils. Two Phils and one Valentine. Irresistable.

3. In The Dark by Billy Squier – This one came thisclose to being included on “M&M” right out of the chute. It is a master class in early 80s AOR sass and emotions in motion. Wait, that’s another song…

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Mimicry And Memories Kickstarter Launched

Electric Six have launched their second Kickstarter campaign, looking to raise $25,000 to create ‘Mimicry And Memories’, a two-disc CD consisting of one disc of covers and one disc of rareties, in the vein of ‘Sexy Trash’.

With a closing date of the 21st July, bonuses for pledgers include the Mustang jacket from the recent album cover; the keys and licence plate to the recently scrapped Electric Six van; and the chance to sign ‘Danger! High Voltage’ with the band. Oh, and a back rub from Dick Valentine.

Over the years, one thing Electric Six has discovered is that the appetite of its fans for more music is unending, unyielding, and insatiable. In interactions with fans, the band is asked most often about two types of potential releases (beyond the yearly album of new material, of course): covers and rarities. Electric Six has enough cover ideas thrown at it by fans to fill up 20 albums, and ever since the release of the rarities compilation “Sexy Trash,” we’ve had people clamoring for more obscurities and unheard gems.

So, we’ve decided to do them both. The purpose of this project is to make real the release of a two disc set (sorry, it’ll be CD-only, no vinyl), to be entitled “Mimicry And Memories.” The “Mimicry” disc will contain 12 covers, 8 of which have been selected by the band, with the remaining 4 cuts hopefully chosen by pledgers as part of this campaign. The “Memories” disc is a successor to “Sexy Trash,” as a collection of outtakes and rarities from the full scope of the band’s career. Included on this disc are THREE songs which were just recorded as part of the sessions for the band’s forthcoming album on Metropolis Records, “Human Zoo.” Thus, the sound quality of songs on this disc will vary from track to track, much as it did on “Sexy Trash.” However, everything on the “Memories” disc is absolutely listenable and enjoyable. As those who own “Sexy Trash” will know, the nature and construction of Electric Six songs often shifts dramatically during the course of development, so demo versions of songs which did make it to albums which are included on this disc are different (sometimes radically so) than the “final” version. For the true Crazy, it’s fascinating to see how the songs develop from embryonic version to their final state.

In keeping with the special nature of this project, these discs will only be available as part of this Kickstarter campaign. We won’t be selling them at shows, they won’t every be available at retail or via mailorder through the band’s webshop, etc.

You can find out more, and pledge, at

For more information abou what will be on the disc, visit our Mimicry And Memories page.

Electric Six to launch second Kickstarter

A post on the Electric Six Facebook page on the 29th May confirms a new Kickstarter campaign will be coming.

Crazies…one week from tomorrow, another Electric Six tour will launch, this one covering certain Midwestern cities and leading to the Pacific Ocean before circling back through the great American Southwest and on in to home base. That day will also mark the launching of another voyage…this one a project involving a second Kickstarter campaign. You, the Crazies, were unbelievably generous and supportive of the “Absolute Treasure” campaign and so we’ve decided to, in the words of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, do it again. We’re going to keep details quiet until launch day but we think it’s something which will excite the Crazies. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are about this once we unveil the project.

More on this as we get it.

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