Witches Burning

What does a Holocaust cost?
What does a goodbye bye, strange that you ask me now?
A tooth for a tooth, and an eye for an eye
Yes, that’s how
The e-liquid takes your saving
So you can pay the piper
And the prophecies unfolding
And you must decipher

When you were recently victimised by a nineties band
You were skywriting, tipping the skies, it was all part of the plan

We backed the wrong horse because we’re still learning
It couldn’t be worse than the sounds of witches burning
But baby we can try!

The recent nihilism comes into play
As we walk along egg shells
Just as we throw all our trash away
Because it smells

Tonnes of radon in the basement
Now it lives inside my bones
Learning the ways of final placement
And their sweet guitar tones

Limbs and bits crawling in my skin
As the counting down’s about to begin

Knives and forks stuck in my eyes
As you read your words to the wise

Saturn brings me down when it’s returning
And nothing like the sound of witches burning
When the church bells ring there’s no discerning
The last words echoing from witches burning

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