An Evening With The Many Moods Of The Wildbunch’s Greatest Hits… Tonight!

Uchu Cult
Released: 1996
8-Track Album

1. Dance (Panhandle Band)
2. Dance (Panhandle Band)
3. Texas Snake (Panhandle Band)
4. Nuclear Winter
5. Don’t Be Afraid of the Robot
6. Speak English
7. The Methodology
8. I’m A Demon
9. Animal Attraction
10. Are You Afraid of the Devil
11. Gay Bar
12. Computer
13. Tiny Little Men
14. Riddled With Bullets
15. Guitar Solo with Jackson Doing Push-Ups
16. I’m On Acid
17. Christian Radio (Manchester)
18. I Know Karate
19. I Lost Control (Of My Rock & Roll)
20. Destroy You
21. I Am The Knife
22. Coffee
23. The Living End
24. (I) Killed Our Love

Tracks 1-3 (c) 1996 Panhandle Band
Track 4-25 (c) 1996 Uchu Cult
Panhandle Band are Epner Gutz, Lisa Colwell, ChineseFish
Wildbunch are Jackson Pounder, Mojo Frezzato, Antoine Selph, Stavon Nawara, Martin M
Tracks 1-3 written by the Panhandle Band
Tracks 4-24 written by Tyler Spencer
Tracks 1-19 produced by Martin M & Mojo Frezzato, and engineered by Michael Harrison
Tracks 20-24 produced by Mojo Frezzato & engineered by Martin M
Track 8 written by Roky Erickson (c) 1991 The Orb Company
Track 23 written by Magnuson-Kramer (c) 1989 Shimmy-Disc
Layout and Design by Martin M
Cover photo by John Finn
Wildbunch logo by Brian Oakes
For info write… Uchu Cult, PO Box 1794, Royal Oak, MI 48068-1794

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