No Wiggle Room (For a Witch With a Defective Broom)

Why do they call it ‘Four Sights’ when it always comes in threes?
‘Cause I see it bring lord snake bite down to his knees
When the coven comes a callin’ will you be the one make choose
‘Cause you’ve done all of your stalling fixing holes in your own shoes

No wiggle room for a witch with a defective broom

Why do they call it ‘policy’ when it really seems like war?
Because the mothers of drunk drivers wonder what all the fuss is for
And when the human cargo comes today it will be branded with an “R”
‘Cause the men who comes to take you away are crazier than you are

No room for error for the slightest ball barer

We are cleaning all the mystery spots with a flesh dissolving foam
We keep playing in abandoned lots and ignore the calls to come home
And I was your money man when you place the orders for your tragedy
And you spoke so eloquently the lords prayer in Burmese

Why do they call it ‘gaslighting’ when it leads to a place so dark?
All the deaths from firefighting were born inside the same spark
When the fire does consume you, you’ll finally be in the news
And your 15 minutes will come due and he always gets his do’s

No reserve tank of gas for the arsonist who’s made of glass
Made of glass
Made of glass

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