Parrot People

Dick Valentine has announced details of his sixth solo album, ‘Parrot People’, which is due out digitally on December 24th 2020, and can be ordered as a CD copy directly through his Instagram account.

It was originally expected in 2021 under the title ‘Fear Footage’.

Potential song titles include:

  • Alles Klar for the Energy Peeps
  • And It Feels
  • Fear Footage
  • Fingerprints on your Soul
  • Greasing up the Monolith
  • I Am Part of the Problem
  • I Love You I Steal Your Gas
  • Nine Course Meal
  • Parrot People
  • Philistine Waltzes
  • Pinball
  • Slow Nights
  • The Straightjacket Sisters
  • Why You Waging War On Me, Divider?

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