The Karaoke Experience Vol IV

A karaoke disc to accompany the ‘Bite Me’ Kickstarter.

  • Burkina Faso Lover (from Here Come the Bags)
  • Dead Carnation (from Here Come the Bags)
  • The Marching Band that Never Goes Away (from Here Come The Bags)
  • Enough Embarrassment for One Day (from Here Come The Bags)
  • Black Sea Brides (from Here Come The Bags)
  • Data Entry (from Robocalls)
  • The Queen’s Vagina (from Robocalls)
  • One Crazy Night in Abbottabad (from Robocalls)
  • Pro Re Nata (from Illuminati Bees)
  • Cuckolds at Night (from Illuminati Bees)
  • Hotel Mary Chang (from How Dare You)
  • Dark Politics (from How Dare You)

Electric Six fansite