Tyler Spencer


Tyler Spencer (1995 – present) is the lead singer and main songwriter of Electric Six and the only original member still in the band. He is married to graphic designer Kate Muth and together they have one daughter. He goes by the pseudonym Dick Valentine and previously used the name ‘Jackson Pounder’ while the band were known as The Wildbunch.

Alongside his work with Electric Six, Tyler Spencer has collaborated with many artists: Troy Gregory, Bantam Rooster, TV Rock and more recently welsh duo Massive Horse, and rapper Andy D.

To date: He has released three solo albums, two albums as part of duo ‘Evil Cowards’ and an album under ‘The Dirty Shame’. He has also created several e-books as well as a pornographic thriller; entitled ‘Chinatown Reacharound’ which has been released as an audio book and of which he is currently planning a sequel.

He wrote and performed a collection of songs for online online zombie-survial series ‘Bite Me’, produced by Machinima which were sampled during the show’s closing credits and has worked (alongside guitarist Zach Shipps) as part of a milk advertising campaign as the voice and soundtrack for the character ‘White Gold’.

According to banter on The Wildbunch – Live At The Gold Dollar album; he’s said his favourite songs are I Want Your Sex by George Michael, and The Model by Kraftwerk.

He has also said his favourite songs from Fire are Improper Dancing and Synthesizer.


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