Unreleased Demos / Songs

Wildbunch tracks

  • Immolate Me [4:43]
  • I Am The Knife [1:59]

Fire tracks

  • Dance Commander [2:52]
  • Electric Demons (in love) [3:09]
  • She’s White [3:53]
  • I’m The Bomb [4:21]

SeƱor Smoke tracks

  • Jimmy Carter [3:39]
  • Dance Epidemic [3:00]

Computer Game Versions and the old official Wildbunch site

There are also synthesized versions of ‘Animal Attraction’ and ‘Gay Bar’ around from some computer games produced during the time as ‘The Wildbunch’. ‘Golden Tony’ has advised me these were available on the official ‘Wildbunch’ website along with a computer game version of ‘Tiny Little Men’ as well! There was also an accoustic version of ‘The Model’ available.

Joe Frezza was responsible for the video game versions of those three songs. There were tentative plans for a WIldbunch/E6 video game at various points, which is why the songs were developed in that way.

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