Black Sea Brides

Track one on Here Come The Bags!


I bought some black sea brides
You should see their insides
It’s such a hoot when the first and second worlds collide

Maybe it’s not like that
Maybe I’m misreading the tea-leaves
Need to walk it all back

Let me buy you a drink
Let me make amends
Before you start to think I can’t be nice to my friends

And it’s the lonely place we’ve been
When the ? with sin
And we all need our wives to let us back in

But not before some brides, oh some black sea brides


You are black sunshine
Where the pleasure is mine
I am the darkest kind of escort you will wine and dine

Maybe I’m in denial
Maybe I need some more money to keep you here for a while

I see you’re just like me
A student of history
You know the greatest things in life never come for free

And we all have tales to tell
And someĀ glovesĀ don’t fit so well
And there’s always more bodies than we can sell

In the store, in the black sea brides

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