Carrie That Weight

I took an audience with the Lord
Played him some painstaking chords
Sounded a little like d-minor

It’s not clear what this song’s about
The themes I’ve already been logged out
Everything we thought we owned belongs to China

Carrie, Carrie,
She would be my actuary
She would be the only one to make things right
Carrie, Carrie,
Lord knows she tried to warm me
And the hardest thing to do is admit she was right

And I’m haunted by the imagine on the screen
It follows me to temple and to work
And I’m hardened by the crime I always see
So I hopped on the next ferry to Dunkirk
Where I Skype the moonlit night away all night
With Carrie

I get my prescription drugs from Canada these days
To avoid all the red tape and exorbitant copains
And while i’m up there I breathe in the great white air
And hope she comes to see me in her final days

Carrie, Carrie,
Let’s be lovers but never marry
Let’s do a couple of wrongs until we get it right
Carrie, Carrie,
She likes all the dirty she got on me
She would be the one to guide me toward the white light


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