Destroy The Children

Length: 3:15

So what’ve we learned from this life they made us do?
I wasted all of my time on loving you
They lined us up and paired us off in twos
Laughing that they pulled off this elaborate ruse

You control the world when you control the news
And we refuse to choose, leaving us no choice but to

Destroy the children
Before they are the masters
Dressing in monkey suits
And causing their own disasters
And please make sure they suffer dearly
‘Cos I don’t suffer fools, oh must I state this more clearly?

So what’ll we do when we live and we don’t learn?
We throw our hearts in a pile and watch them burn
They line us up to wait here for our turn
For cold gruel with a taste we can’t discern
You’re never found guilty if court’s never adjured
And let’s use all that money we’ve never earned to

Destroy the children
Before they have the answers
And replace the singer-songwriters with autotuned dancers

And please make sure they learn their lesson
‘Cos it’s clear they don’t know with whom they are messing
And before you cast me as the dunce
I’m well aware I was a child once
With a destiny on the ambition hunts
All you gentlemen are such royal c***s
Drawn like moths to impossible stunts of love

So what’ll we do when we’ve learned how to live?
We give back all of the advice we were too young to give
Dress our love up with many an expletive
Pouring all of our blood through a rusty sieve
As we

Destroy the children
Before they destroy each other
And imprison Lindsay Lohan before she becomes a mother
And bleeds like she’s the Virgin Mary
Polluting our souls with Hollywood dysentery

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