Enough Embarrassment For One Day

Track three on Here Come The Bags!.


Young eyes are often windows into no soul
Watch as the young days drug
And dumb guys often overdose on rock ‘n’ roll
And fashion comes in a bag

Oh, it all seems important long ago
At the things they did to us on Monday
But enough embarrassment for one day
And the vast conspiracy of Sunday
Is only five days away

Machine eyes, living cool lives
Spending every dollar in the dirtiest dives
Evil guys believing that the body buys a soul in their size

Oh, we are going no where and nobody cares
Now you’re alone with a lover that you just met
Using all the playground moves that made you teacher’s pet
And any wager you get heard is a safe bet
And watch your innocence sail away, yeah

Oh, you’re counting all your money, it wasn’t enough
And now your last resort is to give hand jobs
To the horny businessmen who resemble blobs

It’s a million miles away from teenage heart-throbs
It’s a million miles away
It’s a million miles away
It’s a million miles away
It’s a million miles away

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