Fresh Faces

Length: 2:08

Uh oh!
Who you doing crime on
Well I thought you moved back to Berlin
And now you need another back to climb on
And I’m turning green
Whatever does it mean
When you’re wasting your photography
On fresh faces
On the idiot scene

The last words that the fool will mutter
Are “give me all my money back”
The last fool he had a terrible stutter
And he’s life was a wreck
The last time I checked
All my stuff still belongs to him
Fresh faces on the stupid scene
Stupid me,

The fruit from my tree hangs low
And I’ve got all of my bitches in tow

And wouldn’t you just like to know
About the ins and outs
Of how I go about the business of losing all my money
I do it so much better than you now honey

Now I just bought an average work of art
From an unremarkable time
The artist died before his fame would ever stop
And now he’s online
To bet about them dying
It’s the way it always go down
Fresh faces on the Guggenheim scene tonight

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