Hades Ladies

I won’t let you hate this moment
Without a lawyer waiting in the wings

Strike if you wanna, this is really pinata
And it’s filled with lots of shiny things, yeah

Why do I have to choose only one? (I want it all)
While you’re waiting for your gentleman to call (Comes to call, comes to call)
It hurts me more than you will ever know, child
When the disco life is more fun than the disco, Good God!

? (That was in the 1980s)
Got down with ? hypnotise my Hades Ladies (Hades Ladies)

Come shed these restrictive clothes
Love this angry man for a while
We’ll be jaywalking and, shit talking
And we’ll see where it goes for a million miles, yeah

I’m on the hook now for a meal (holy shit)
Stuck on a ? and I can’t get off of it (off of it)
I’m like a moth-man, I’m attracted to the light
I’m winding down and looking to unwind tonight

? Rabies Babies (Rabies Babies)
? ladies ? my Hades Ladies (Hades Ladies)

Going around and cracking all these girls (all these girls)
There’s just too many God damn variables! (Variables, variables)
You’re welcome where, and the why and who
It blows up in my face, I get another face from you

? like that (It ain’t like that, it ain’t like that,┬áit ain’t like that)
? don’t you dare turn down the Hades Ladies (Hades Ladies)

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