Hallowe’en Fingers

Length: 1:35

Notice she howls as you find the right spot
Halloween fingers stir every witch’s pot
So stop all your bluffs and show me what you got
Or fold and cry your way home

Yesterday’s actresses start to look hit
Halloween fingers pinch every goblin’s tit
So come to the States where the lager is shit
I’ll invite you into my home

And oh, everything comes from the same place
Everything comes from a regional processing and distribution centre in outer space But don’t let your mum and dad know that you know
They’re not emotionally equipped to know that you already know
Most of the things they were were trying to prevent you from knowing
The wind is kicking up now and the leaves are blowing

It’s over, it’s over, I’ve been betrayed
Halloween fingers stir Satan’s lemonade
So dance around the maypole like we were enslaved
And sing ho-eh, hoh-eh hoh, hoh-eh, hoh-eh hoh
Whoa-ooh-whoa-ooh-whoa, hoh-eh, hoh-eh hoh
Whoa-eh, hoh-eh hoh, hoh-eh, hoh-eh hoh

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