Heavy Woman (Live)

*I look out and sometimes I see, and I see too much, and right now I see a lot of fellas, a whole lotta fellas here tonight. And that’s good because I’ve always said that men understand each other best. But I’m afraid it’s not good enough. This next song goes out to all the ladies. Where are some of the girls at? Some of the girls.*


Every day she gets by
It’s just another day closer to the day she die
The day is passing her by
And the night is just a sequence of her heavy cries, yeah!

Heavy woman
Heavy woman
When she turns around
Tremors where she stood on the ground
And I promise you you never heard a sound like the sound
Of heavy woman cries, yep.


She don’t see no reason why
That a man can’t get on board with a heavy life
Lord she knows she don’t try
She just keeps on shooting butter from her butter knife, yeah

Heavy woman
Heavy woman
When she lays down you can feel it in a neighbouring town
Many sides might think it will affect the ties when heavy woman days

Heaviness never lies
And heavy dreams lie beneath her heavy eyes
Yeah she was once a little girl
But somewhere down the line she fell into a heavy world

Heavy woman
Heavy woman
When she sat on her ?
And I promise you don’t want to find yourself trapped in heavy woman’s thighs, thighs, oh yeah.

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