I Touched the Bible

One day I was in my apartment
There was a knock upon the door
It was a man who said he used to live here
Back in two-thousand-and-four

He lived here with the woman
Who was meant to be his bride
But tragedy struck
And she prematurely died

He had tears streaming down his face
But could he come in and see the place
And angel wings sprouted up behind me
I only let the little things in life define me

I said “come on in, man, would you like a glass of water?”
He fell to his knees and he began crying even harder
I helped him to his feet and then I gave him my Bible
And that was that the last time I ever touched the Bible

Yeah, I touched the Bible
I touched the Bible
Even I touched the Bible once
So piss off all you fucking cunts

I walk this life alone, but I’m never really alone
As long as I’ve got my crazy, crazy and the latest smartphone
The phone on which I often search for the mysteries of the unknown
Eternal mysteries spun from vagaries
But please put your mind at ease
I will deal you into my fantasies
With no guarantees

This song’s for all the tyrants who build statues of themselves
And the songs of the sirens only seem to beckon elves
The world’s not coming back to the way that it was in the Bible
But a girl can dream she’ll be asked to the dance
By a policeman who has weapons in his pants

Even I reached for the Bible once
I reached for the Bible once
‘Cos I know that’s what my mother wants.

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