Japanese Bulls

Track tenĀ on Here Come The Bags!.


When the Japanese bulls running a parallel line
With the fabulous fools who feed on yours and mine
I hope you’re holding me
‘Cause when you hold me I never ever die

When the Chinese roadkill is on your plate
With a fortune cookie that holds your fate
I hope you’re still awake
‘Cause we’re sleeping you always close your eyes

Oh buy me a home in one of those occupied zones
And make those honey eyes
And make those funny lies
And leave us all alone

When the North Korean army’s hiding underneath your bed
And the pretty ballerina’s are dancing all through head
I hope you’re still alive
Because when you live girl you’ll never ever die

Oh, divide me in two
So I can see million side of you
And what your money buys
Under these sunny skies
And we are all almost home, hey!

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