Jimmy Carter

Length: 3:39

Like Jimmy Carter
Like electric underwear
Like any idea that
Never had a chance to go anywhere

This is who you are
Hey celebrity
Who drives off a bridge in a car
Your beautiful body
Filling up with water

Like Harry Truman
Dropping bombs out of the air
Like any self-respecting

This is who you are
Five dancing teenage boys
Who sing their way into our hearts
Backstreet’s back

And there’s a toxic cloud hanging over her
And there’s a white noise on the screen
And there’s a man in a hotel room
Assaulting a maid who just came to clean
Up the mess.

Backstreet’s back

Like Ronald Reagan
Falling asleep for ever more
Dreaming of horses and
Dreaming of nuclear war

This is where we are tonight
Everybody under surveillance from a satellite
You can be the first one on your block to die.

And there’s a plague of locusts upon us
And there’s a nightmare in the swarm
And there’s a lion out in the desert
Slouching t’wards Bethl’hem to be born

Backstreet’s back

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