Lazy as Fuck

Length: 3:18

Is it ’cause you’re really down on your luck
Or is it ’cause you’re lazy as fuck
Put the words that best describe you
Hide them in the soles of your shoe

Can you feel the furies running amok
Running over you like a monster truck
You’re not doing what you were born to do
Stop pretending like you don’t know it’s true

The thing I like most about you
Is that you’re held together with glue
And you let them tell you what you can’t do
Even though they all do it too

Now you’re getting what you give
Everything is relative
Increase the cost
We both? the loss now that I live with you
Is it our society that’s making you sick
Or could it be you’re just a nasty prick
Hiding all your meanest faces
Retreating to your hding places

Is the quicksand you’re in running too quick
‘Cause getting out of that would be a neat trick
And everything you do goes nowhere
It’s as if you let a ???? cut your hair

But you got a couple good things going for you
You got a pentagram tattoo
And an authentic digeridoo(?)
Even though you can’t carry a tune

And the good times have to end
I hope to see you round here again
You best believe that I can’t leave
While I’m still in you
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