Making Love in Hazmat Suits

Pussy-poachers, vulva-slaves
Gretsky shoots and Jesus saves
What occurs at night happens in broad daylight
And the mating season comes in waves

Real people portrayed by actors
Searching for kindly benefactors
‘Cos we are what we are
We are what we do
Oh God, I’d kill to meet somebody new!

On election day I won’t be where I live
So I vote absentee
It’s what my old man was trying to tell me
God’s expensive, the devil’s free

You can find me here drowning in pussy

Oh the ants in my pants making their way to my heart
Oh the moves in my dance, make it so hard to start
Living life the way they told me
I was suppose to take my wife as this, that
These and those often do

On special nights I can’t ignore my gout
On special nights I whip it out
A falling star fell too close to me
Turned me into something I don’t want to be

When ? gets it
I will berate him
For breaching the contract
But when Jenny from Yonkers gets here
She will fellate him in
It’s in the contract

And they’ll be making love in hazmat suits
And have premium access to each others boots
They wake up when the machinery re-boots
Face-to-face the only face I see
It’s mine and it’s drowning in pussy
Ah! Ah!

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