Robocalls (Song)

Why don’t you two get a room
And fuck till the room becomes ya tomb?
Have some impending doom
Before the bride takes the groom

Cause there ain’t no down side to this disaster
And there ain’t no shame inside the dark master
For every this and that there’s a tragedy in the magic hat
Filled with robocalls, robocalls
For every machination of the monster’s mastication
There’s a man in a bell made plan by Niagara Falls
For every human highway we should make the love highway
And stand by on the phone tonight

Robocalls, robocalls
Robocalls, tonight

Why don’t you get a needle and spoon
And shoot up till you shoot the moon?
Why does complesso ? gas taste good in the afternoon
Put on your riddling jacket
Your community centre jacket
Put on your hidden jacket, your United States of America jacket

For every stunt like that you pull
There’s a stubborn, stubborn mule
Pulling robocalls, robocalls
For every ambitious goat you send
There’s a courtesan getting wed
Giving robocalls, robocalls
For every unsolved mystery
There’s a lie in our history
And sharks drinking blood red wine
And eating robocalls, robocalls
Robocalls, tonight

Please lock me up with others like me
Who write poetry like bards
We’ll make merry men through the misery
While we grease the prison guards

And on the inside we make robocalls, robocalls
Robocalls, tonight
Robocalls, robocalls,
Robocalls, tonight

Why don’t you two get a room
And fuck till the room becomes ya tomb?

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