Saddam Hussein

Track two  on Here Come The Bags!


Now listen boys and girls
It’s an interesting world
Sometimes you gotta cut your way through the cane
For instance 2004
When the casualties of war
Were being washed away by the television rain

They shouted fear through the cannon
Gave us a new boogie man
And they assured us he was quite insane

So we sent in the soldiers
The sexy, sexy soldiers
To introduce that boy to a little pain

And what are we gonna find on his computer? [Hey]
And in the Pentagon there’s a jar just waiting for his brain [Yes]
Which one of you boys is going to step up and be the shooter
Of Saddam Hussein?

Now they told us that we gottem
About the time we hit the bottom
I felt good, ‘cos you hated the son of the bitch
I said “If you got chips then bring them
“Let’s watch the hangman swing him
Lord don’t it feel good to scratch this little itch.”

How many Kuwati brides are tied up in his palaces?
I don’t know!
How much of his madness can be explained?
Oh no!
How much do you think we could get for his priceless chalices?
How much for the skin suit of Saddam Hussein?

Now it’s all just white noise
We brought home most of our boys
With the exception of the thousands who were slain

And like so many of you
I dream in red, white and blue
And I think Abel had it coming from Kane

But a spectre came and shook me in the middle of the night
In the middle of the night
And I hope I never see his face again
Oh no
And nothing could ever prepare me for the sight it showed me
Of Donald Rumsfeld with Saddam Hussein

Now the voters on side
There’s no end to this ride
And there’s a cloven hoofed doctor on this drain
And when George W Bush
Paints a portrait of his feet
You can see the wheels of freedom turning in his brain

There’s a young boy in the Falkland Islands [Yeah]
And there’s another one fighting the bulls in Spain [Yeah]
From the cliffs of Dover all the way up to the Highlands [Yeah]
I know one of them gonna grow up to be the next Saddam Hussein
Yeah… yeah… yeah…
Hey… yey… yey…

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