Summer of the Purple Man

Length: 3:23

He materialized at the edge of my street
In a big beater car that never missed a beat
I guess you could say that’s when it all began
He seduced me on my way home from marching band
It was 1991
It was the summer of the purple man

God only knows we didn’t know what we did
You bet we played that card ’cause we were just kids
Re-educated while working on our tans
He controlled us with the touch of his purple hand
We were falling one by one
It was the summer of the purple man

Suddenly the universe was out of whack
And once you go there you can’t come back
And daddy looked like he was gonna have a heart attack
Clenched his fists and he said
When I get my hands on that motherfucker
Gonna put his purple ass in the ground ?????
I’ll tear him limb from limb on a torture rack

The afternoons was spent in nap
The night’s for sitting on his lap
Feeding him purple beans out of a can
Everything going according to his plan
It was the last time I had fun, yeah
It was the summer of the purple man

Spilling our seeds into the serpents garden
Our young love muscles began to harden
And that’s when mother copped and begged our pardon
Cleared her throat and she said
You’re such a good little boy and you always want to please us
Surely we could fix us with a little more Jesus
And pray and pray that purple gay away

Hey nancy boys this one’s for you
And the big people from ???? too
It’s such a hoot watching what you turned into
As the days fly past us and? again
Dropping you ???????? past
Run out the door just as fast as you can
And try to go back to the summer of the purple man

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