Ballade of MC Sucka DJ, The (Live at the Gold Dollar)

Length: 2:43

[This next song is a song of personal and political activism and was written especially for you]
I met a man with a most peculiar name
MC Sucka DJ!
Says he gonna save the planet
He’s got a twelve gauge and a foolproof plan
It’s so crazy it might just work out
Boy lend me your ear
gonna tell you what it’s all about

He said son “I need a man not just any man
A good man
Someone to be a Robin to my Batman
Comes a time in the life of a man
To take a stand”
He put a gun in my hand
Told my wife I loved her very much
She knows
Gotta go and give everyone my love
I might start a revolution
MC Sucka DJ’s gonna find a solution

We got on a plane to LA
Me… and MC Sucka DJ
South central LA
Straight to the city of Compton CA
With my mind on my money, my money on my mind
Drinking up my 40 oz. Yah you know me Yeah….
You know me.

We don’t negotiate
We don’t deliberate
We do most of our talking with our .38s.
We’re running from death row
Domo Arigato
Mister Roboto!
We do what we do
We won’t not do it
Our will is a wall and you can’t shoot through it
We came to get down
We came to get down
MC Sucka DJ drops a bomb on your town [Can you feel it?] Trivia: ‘Domo Arigato Mr Roboto’ is a reference to the song ‘Mr Roboto’ by the band ‘Styx’’ [Golden Tony] ’40oz’ refers to the music studio.

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