The Chipotle Song

Come at me with your offering baby
I best be turning you down
Stand in line at Chipotle baby
I saw you turning around

When my fingers fan the fire
That will someday swallow this town
It used to be I could trust you
But baby those threads are now unwound

And ooh, it all blows up in my face
And my heart’s been held tight to your face
And ooh, it must have been a big mistake
A marquee of alien piss-take

Emotional click-bait floods your feed, and brazen eyes
Feelings rendered worthless, baby, when everything is monetised
Everybody wants the television to decide who lives or dies
It used to be that I could fuck with you without being one of those guys

And ooh, it all gets laid to waste
And my fragile heart gets grounded into a paste
And ooh, I must have taken all the bait
As a new kind of Svengali lays in wait


Come at me with both barrels, baby
I’ve got the Kevlar on tonight
Give me something to chomp on, baby
I’ll choke on you tonight

Wait in line at the Cracker Barrel but the rocking chairs are all the same
Waiting for my pancakes as I play the triangular game
And ooh, my life draining from the way
I can’t sit here any longer marinade in hate

And ooh, then you come right through the door
Like a bride of Beelzebub or just his whore
Ah. Ah.

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