The Fantasy Fuck Bus

When the fantasy fuck bus runs out of gas
There’ll be hell to pay for every lad and lass
Who mismanaged their fortune for feeding their childish dreams

And come apart at the seams

Whatever made you evil in war
Shall be discussed for centuries
Whichever roads come to a fork between disgust and misery

Shall only set you free

You are the loveliest
You are the loveliest size

Like a birthday girl letting go of her balloons
She cries until she hears that they’ll be coming back soon
But it’s all lies
It was all lies

She was told lies.
When the dirigible of dreams comes apart at the seam
They can’t say ‘Oh they humanity’.
It’s been done before

It still comes down to the words of the police
Mine vs yours vs mine
The words of the police
Mine vs the police.

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