The Ghost of Chavez Ravine

She was a ghost in Chavez Ravine
Appearing in the most pedestrian of ways
Her castanets sound like a drum machine
As she searches for a host to live inside for thirty days

Could I be the one that she’s been searching for?
I just came here in an Uber as a tourist
Your run of a mill harmless baseball purist
Suddenly it’s my destiny to be in a girl who runs away and screams bloody murder at the driver
Who would have seen previously in andersworld for folks like me
Makes me want to take more bites of the fantasy

I will only appear in your movie if I retain some rights
I will only let the fear run through me if the lighting strikes my kite
If the lighting strikes my kite

I’m still the ghost from Chavez Ravine
But now I live in Silver Lake
In a house with three random hipster guys

I walk the streets with my bone machine
Till my body starts to ache
And I collapse beneath the weight of my own lies

And ha-cha-cha I get the mambo
And ha-cha-cha I get the mambo
Hopefully number five before we do

And I return to Chavez Ravine
And I thank my lucky star
That I was still logged into my machine
So I called another car

I will always remember the time that she was my puppet master
I will see her name in lights because her fast-track just got faster
My spectral mistress became the master
And I was left holding the bag
But at least it was my bag.

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