International Symbol For Radiation, The

Length: 2:58

I live in the City of Industry
Near La Puente with my family
We live collectively In a house with the tremendous view of other houses just like ours
The people who live in them and their cars

My momma was a secretary
She worked for a major company
She died giving birth to me
And my sister Rosa Lee

My daddy works the 12-7 down at the factory
At night he sneaks into my room
To tar and feather me I dream

I’m not really there whenever it happens
I dream I’m off surveying my property
In Orange County

I dream I have an angel to watch over me
She looks like Pamela Anderson-Lee
And she serenades me

And she has the international symbol for radiation
Flashing in her eyeballs
Crashing down like waterfalls
I never heed the warning
I’m always dead by morning
Bury me away in the inland empire

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