The Queen’s Vagina

Rubber shakes and double time
And all you was a friend of mine
And I don’t know where her majesty goes
To douche the queen’s vagina

All my life it’s been a mystery
Lord knows I’ve researched royal history
And I’ve reached into her bones
Examined all the tomes
Seven nostic gnomes
Every other Sunday

I will only stay
Till the day Theresa May
Let’s me wear her clothes
Cause you know I’m one of those
Authority-loving toes
On the foot from yesterday

A aeroplane lands in the water
A bloody stain lands on your daughter
And I don’t know where his majesty goes
To goose the Queen’s vagina

That charming man, he’s a ripper
Lord he’s a real lid flipper
And he goes, and he goes
He’s wearing flowing robes
He’s spinning off in globes
Like he comes from the future

I will not accept the blames
Still don’t know what’s in a name
But you know I’m not the same
Ever since I joined the game
Will her majesty make me a Dame
So I can suck on lords and ladies

Hey look at me, not too shabby!
Look, could I be on Downton Abbey
And I don’t know where the vice-countess goes
To drain the Queen’s vagina

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