Tongue Demons

Tongue Demons was a track cut from the band’s 2017 album but released as part of their subscription club package.


When the cities fall for you will you let me come through too
To an island destination, man, for the privileged few and new
I’m a fan of automation let’s bring a robot too

I signed the disclaimer, man, returned it to you
Brand new
Don’t believe the things you hear, man, because they’re just not true
And new
Let’s kick into another gear, see what this fucker can do

When I say “close your eyes” you expect a big surprise
But you didn’t expect I’d go ahead and sever the ties

I blame tongue demons for the constant pain I cause
Unto every season there’s a new routine of love and loss

I read the description, man, but it was all lies, lies
Printed on a piece of paper, man, for gullible lies, guys
I think we’ve got a situation here, let’s militarise

Your combination left you wired and scored at dawn
Your head with a crown of crackerjacks and candy corn
It’s worn, to remind you of the day you were born to be unborn
Give yourself to me, so you can come and see
I’ve been held against my will inside Technology

I blame tongue demons for the loopholes in the law
It turns out her feelings are born ? star ?

Leaping lizards! This is all your fault. You ?
Your the sum of the parts of peppercorn and pixie ?
It’s fermented, and locked away in a Government vault

It’s quite a journey, live your life while you still can stand
I was looking for a human highway, got your head in the sand, this band
It’s comprised of six guys, we’re an American band

We shall continue being,┬ádespite the way you sing we’ve signed on for a lifetime
Inside you, lover!

I blame tongue demons for the passing of the years
Betting on the evens bring the odd fellows to tears

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