We Were Witchy Witchy White Women

Length: 3:55

I was on the inside looking out for you
You were on the outside looking in
We were
Witchy coven of
White women
We knew a lot about original sin
We were protected by the police crimewave
Gangster computer with a bloody touch
There were
So many of us
But not enough
Maybe much, too much, too much, too much

I met you on a Monday
It was Friday night
You were doing all right
‘Cos it was Saturday night
And we were
Night bitches, white witches
We lived under the city
We were doing alright

We ran around in circles casting spells all night
Terrorising kids and causing a fight
I put a spell on you
You put a spell on me
But we just couldn’t spell love without consulting a white.
She said:
“Some girls wish that they were teenage bitches
Other girls want to be lesbian witches
But I ain’t wishy-washy
A witchy witchy
I just wish someone would wash me when I get too itchy”
We were married by the priestess on high
Lesbian lovers ’til the day we die
We were
Hot girls
But we
Had a query
If witch marries witch, which witch am I
But every fairytale has to end some time, honey
The chief of police
He wanted too much money
Pulled up his britches
Locked up a bunch of bitches
Threw away the key ‘cos he thought it was funny

So that’s the story of how we found each other
Living as witches in an LA cave
We were
Rockstars, baby
We were, we were white women
We were trouble, trouble, trouble
We just couldn’t behave

Now we’re just dancing for the boys in the coastguard
Nobody knows that we are witches in love
They treat us
So bad
Make us
So sad
We just cried, cried like when doves, cry like a dove
But every now and then we’d get a reminder of
The days when we could wrap ourselves in witchy, witchy love
I’d go up on you
You go down on me
We go round, round, round
And we strap on the dirty glove
Go to the store now, get us something good to eat, baby
Microwave cheese shoshimi
Cos it takes blood sugar and lots of energy
To shuffle your feet
And go dancing with me
Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! Ton-ight! [‘Woo’s to the end]

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