Who’s Gonna Suffer Your Industrial Accidents?

Length: 3:53

The dream is dying harder than ever before
The fire has gone out and now I’m frozen for ever more
Why don’t you love me anymore?
Why don’t you realise the error of your ways?

Who’s gonna suffer all of your industrial accidents?
Who’s gonna scrape the flesh out of the combine in your shed?
And every time you turn up dead?
Who will hinder thee?
Invest dedication
The way I do Now look what you done to me
Now I’m loitering outside the high school
With a metal detector
And a tub of Vaseline
Ine……. There’s a TV weather personality inside of me
And he cries every time it starts to rain on your new car
The one you bought to drive so far
Away from my five day forecast
And my Doppler radar

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