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Dick Valentine Releases Fairfax Facial

The second book in Dick Valentine’s erotic book series has been released.

“Fairfax Facial” is the second installment in the Bart Ducane pornographic thriller series.  We follow Ducane through the labyrinth of LA’s pornography industry, and we take pit stops on barstools, places of worship and sleazy fleabag motels.  Plus, there may or may not be a rocket ride into outer space.  Hot, creamy facials are abundant and around every corner.  Mystery and intrigue will spellbind you.  Picking up where last year’s “Chinatown Reacharound” left off, “Fairfax Facial” takes the page turning to the next depraved level.  Dick Valentine is a master storyteller and you need to have your life affected by his sexy writing.

Click here to find out more.

Electric Six announce television series pilot Kickstarter

Electric Six have released details of a third Kickstarter campaign on their Facebook page. They’re looking to raise $30,000 to fund a pilot for a mockumentary film entitled “Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit”.

The episode will be 45-60 minutes long and will be released on DVD and blu-ray. Kickstarter incentives include a double CD of the soundtrack and Dick Valentine demos, encore packages and more.

See the full quote below and visit Kickstarter to support. You can also see a preview video on YouTube.

The moment has arrived. The time is now. Electric Six is excited and proud to announce its latest project, a doc/mock/shock/rock-umentary film entitled “Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit.” As we’ve done in recent years, we’re utilizing the mechanism provided by Kickstarter to bring this project into life. “Roulette” will be a 45-60 minute near-feature length film in the form of a pilot episode of a series which will never exist, focusing on the real (or is it?) lives of Electric Six. Let Dick Valentine explain it to you in an excerpt from the campaign page…

“Electric Six has taken the hint and is excited to bring you the pilot episode of its new reality television series “Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit”. Now it can be revealed…the boys in Electric Six have spent the last several years at Detroit casinos gambling their way into a life of luxury, and the time has come for you to go behind the scenes to see how they live. You will see dreams realized, money attained, jewels attained, infinity pools attained…bitches tamed. You will see the rapturous ramparts of reality within which only Electric Six can realistically reside.

“Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit” will be a 45-60 minute near-feature length production, to be embodied on DVD, Blu Ray and digital download. As part of the project, you can bid on fantastic packages, countless opportunities to inject yourself into the reality of Electric Six. Through participating in the making of “Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit” you get exclusivity. You get membership points. And you may even end up at a restaurant, choking on a pork chop, while Percussion World gives you the Heimlich maneuver. It doesn’t get more real than that.”

Electric Six announce new bass player – Rob Lower

In a past on the band’s Facebook page, the replacement bassist for Keith Thompson has been announced as Mighty Tiny’s Matt Tompkins, AKA Rob Lower. You can see the full quote about the new member – and his photo – below. We’ll confirm more details as soon as we know!

Crazies, since many of you have asked, the next man up for Electric Six in the bass department is this guy, Rob Lower. He’s been a friend of the band for a few years now, played in one of the all-time favorite support acts we’ve ever had….Mighty Tiny from Boston, MA. He’s got what it takes, and most importantly….he make us younger. Much younger. Because of him, our median age is now 24. He looks great in this promo pic….young, arty, driven….give him a few weeks in a wrinkled leisure suit, force him to play Dance Epidemic over and over again every night, and he’ll be a soulless, disheveled sack of potatoes just like the rest of us. We’re looking forward to our time out on the road with Rob Lower this summer and beyond. He’s been on the road with us before and we know he’s got what it takes to get us to the finish line. Come out and see us break him in real good and dirty…..tour starts this Thursday in Cincinnati. You need to be there. Ladies and gentleman…this is Rob Lower, and he’s the next man up!!!!!!!!!


Electric Six Tease Surprise New Project

An interesting piece has appeared today on the Electric Six Facebook page:

One week from today, on June 4, Electric Six will announce its latest project, one which we are confident will be of great interest to many of you. This is something we’ve been kicking around and attempting to realize for quite awhile but we never had the schedule set up the right way for everyone, nor did we find the right partners to make it happen…but now it’s all fallen into place. It combines many of the things you’ve come to know and love about Electric, story telling, high energy performances and risky behavior. We’re excited to tell you all about it so stay tuned for much, much more on that front very soon.

What it won’t be is this:

– Anything to do with the new, as of now untitled album. The new record is great and we’re on the verge of completing it, but no title as of yet. It’ll be out in October on Metropolis, just as it always is. You can set your clock by Electric Six and its albums. More on that topic in the months ahead.

– Anything to do with the vinyl box set we discussed previously. We’ve gone over and over this in our camp. We’ve spent tons of time talking to third parties and amongst ourselves in an attempt to figure out if we could realize this particular project, only to conclude that we really can’t at this stage. We know there are a good number of you who expressed interest in this and believe us, we appreciate that. However, the scope in all respects (not least of which is the cost involved for Crazies, including shipping and everything else) is simply too great relative to what we anticipate the demand to be, and thus we don’t feel we can go down this road at the moment.

What we hope to do eventually is make available vinyl versions of “Smoke,” “Switzerland,” “Exterminate” and “Kill.” We know there is interest in this and we hope to find a way soon to satisfy that. The “how and when” is an open question at this point but know that we’re thinking about it and we intend on finding a way to make it happen We’ll get there.

Electric Six re-raise the vinyl box set idea

The band have once more asked for thoughts on how much interest there would be for a special edition vinyl box set of album number two onwards. You can see the quote below and click here to see the post and comment.

Crazies…we wish to turn back to a subject first broached late last year, a proposed vinyl box set. We had tremendous response on this page to the idea but now that we have a bit more in the way of tangible information, we want to mention some of the particulars. Some of this has changed a bit since we last spoke on this subject.

We would be offering a 10 album set, running from “Senor Smoke” through to “Mustang.” This would include “Absolute Pleasure” as well as a TBD bonus album (we’re not sure yet what we’ll do with that one but it’ll be something good). It would not include “Human Zoo” because Metropolis is still selling through their copies. Some of these albums would consist of two record sets due to running length. Artwork will be the same as the CD covers for each particular release. The records will be pressed on 150 gram colored vinyl…colors will be varied but each one will be consistent across the set (so, for example, all “Senor Smoke” copies could be royal blue).

The cost of the set will be $250 plus shipping and handling. Now, this is where we need you to really think for a minute. Domestic (US) shipping isn’t any big deal…best as we can tell, it looks like something in the neighborhood of $15 or so. Canada is a little steeper but still double digits in USD costs. Everywhere else is where it gets expensive. While we can’t commit to an exact number because so much of the weight is still in flux (we need to have a specially designed box made to house this set and we don’t yet know exactly how much that will weigh), we have seen enough to believe that international shipments other than Canada will be in the low to mid $100 range It will vary some depending upon destination…Australia is more expensive than the UK, for example), given the weight and dimensions of the package. Assuming we go through with this campaign, you would be given an exact shipping cost to add to your pledge at that time, so there will be specificity but for now, this is a best guess.

So, the bottom line is this isn’t going to be cheap. It won’t be cheap to buy and it won’t be cheap to produce. Our costs and the effort involved is substantial as well, so given that we now know a bit more about what we’d be looking at, we come to you again asking for feedback. Are you interested in something like this, keeping in mind the cost inclusive of shipping and in some instances the potential for customs fees? Again, as in previous campaigns, we are required by law to indicate bona fide value of the contents of a package for customs purposes for international shipments. We’d need to sell a good number of these to make it viable, as you need a certain amount to have economies of scale kick in and get the per unit price to press up a piece of vinyl at a reasonable rate. So, we need to hear from you once again…if we don’t see a good level of interest here, we’ll likely conclude that the concept may just not be viable but please, give us your HONEST feeling as to your interest.