Feature: Tracks Now Yet Recorded Live

Ahead of the recording of Live in Liverpool see below for the list of tracks not yet released on a live CD.

Fire (4) – all tracks recorded for ‘Absolute Pleasure’ but not all released.

  • Electric Demons (In Love)
  • Improper Dancing
  • Getting Into The Jam
  • Vengeance and Fashion


Senor Smoke (4 + interludes)

  • Pleasing Interlude I
  • Dance-A-Thon 2005
  • Be My Dark Angel
  • Vibrator
  • Boy Or Girl?
  • Pleasing Interlude II


Switzerland (6)

  • The Band in Hell
  • Rubber Rocket
  • I Wish This Song Was Louder
  • Slices of You
  • There’s Something Very Wrong With Us, So Let’s Go Out Tonight
  • Chocolate Pope


I Shall Exterminate (9)

  • Feed My Fuckin’ Habit
  • Riding on the White Train
  • Broken Machine
  • Kukuxumushu
  • I Don’t Like You
  • Lucifer Airlines
  • Fabulous People
  • Sexy Trash
  • Dirty Looks


Flashy (7)

  • Gay Bar Part Two
  • Lovers Beware
  • Face Cuts
  • Flashy Man
  • Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart
  • Graphic Designer
  • Making Progress


Kill (10)

  • Waste of Time and Money
  • Egyptian Cowboy
  • Escape from Ohio
  • Rubbin’ Me the Wrong Way
  • One Sick Puppy
  • My Idea of Fun
  • I Belong in a Factory
  • Simulated Love
  • You’re Bored
  • White Eyes


Zodiac (8)

  • American Cheese
  • Doom and Gloom and Doom and Gloom
  • I Am A Song!
  • It Ain’t Punk Rock
  • Love Song for Myself
  • The Rubberband Man
  • Talking Turkey
  • I Can Translate


Heartbeats and Brainwaves (9)

  • French Bacon
  • It Gets Hot
  • The Intergalactic Knife
  • Interchangeable Knife
  • Food Dog
  • Bleed for the Artist
  • Eye Contact
  • Free Samples
  • I Go Through Phases


Mustang (11)

  • Nom De Plume
  • Jessica Dresses Like A Dragon
  • Cranial Games
  • Iron Dragon
  • Late Night Obama Food
  • I Never Fucked Her
  • Miss Peaches Wears an Iron Dress
  • Unnatural Beauty
  • Gimme The Eyes
  • Skin Traps
  • Cheryl Vs. Darryl


Human Zoo (10)

  • Karate Lips
  • It’s Horseshit!
  • Alone with your Body
  • Satanic Wheels
  • Gun Rights
  • I’ve seen Rio in Flames
  • I need a Restaurant
  • Worst Movie Ever
  • I’m the Devil
  • Good View of the Violence


Bitch! (10)

  • Drone Strikes
  • Two Dollar Two
  • Kids Are Evil
  • Roulette!
  • A Variation Of Elaine
  • Slow Motion Man
  • Dime, Dime, Penny, Dime
  • If U R Who U Say U R
  • Take Another Shape
  • Electric Six!


Fresh Blood (11)

  • Acid Reducer
  • Number of The Beast
  • Mood Is Improving
  • Lottery Reptiles
  • Dance WIth Dark Forces
  • My Dreams
  • I Got The Box
  • Lee Did This To Me
  • Greener Pastures
  • The Lover’s Pie
  • Space Walkin’


How Dare You (12)

  • Chicken Wine
  • Arrive Alive
  • She’s A Forgery
  • The Hotel Mary Chang
  • Sex With Somebody
  • Dark Politics
  • The Chimes of Titus
  • The Loveliest Man In Town
  • Hatchet Man
  • Nightwaves
  • Routine Cocooning
  • A Quiet Man


Bride of the Devil (9)

  • The Opener
  • (It Gets a Little) Jumpy
  • Safety Girl
  • You’re Toast
  • Hades Ladies
  • Witches Burning
  • Full Moon Over the Internet
  • Grey Areas
  • The Worm in the Wood

Final Kickstarter ‘Live in Liverpool’ Launched

Electric Six have launched their sixth, and final, Kickstarter project, which is available to support now online.

The gig, to be held at the Arts Club in Liverpool, UK, on Saturday 18th May 2019, will be recorded for a blu-ray, DVD, CD and digital download, in the style of Absolute Pleasure and Absolute Treasure, several years after a London show was due to be filmed before the company planning to do so ceased trading.

The CD / DVD / Blu-Ray – presumed to be entitled ‘Live In Liverpool’ – will include “old favourites and new material” but will definitely include the following previously unrecorded live tracks:

  • Bride Of The Devil
  • Daddy’s Boy
  • How Dare You
  • She’s Guatemalan
  • Bite Me
  • Mr. Woman
  • Dance Pattern
  • Lenny Kravitz

Kickstarter backers can look at various packages which include the physical and digital media, as well as posters, a photo-book and White Wolf’s suit and guitar pedals, which have already gone.

There will also be a third year of the subscription club for fans and a third karaoke disc of the following tracks:

  •  Infected Girls
  • Slices Of You
  • I Buy The Drugs
  • Dirty Ball
  • Escape From Ohio
  • Clusterfuck
  • Free Samples
  • Kids Are Evil
  • Arrive Alive
  • How Dare You
  • Bride Of The Devil
  • Daddy’s Boy

You can buy a ticket for the actual gig online.

Electric Six launch Christmas Kickstarter

Electric Six have launched their latest Kickstarter. Entitled ‘A Very Electric SiXmas & Chill Out!’ it features two discs: the first will be a 12-track Christmas album and the second an acoustic live album.

Backer bonuses include a second karaoke disc, t-shirt, Christmas stocking, personal drunken phone call from DV and much more.

Electric Six is proud to announce its latest Kickstarter campaign today. Entitled “A Very Electric SiXmas & Chill Out!,” this is a two disc set comprised of two very different sets of material. The first disc is E6’s first ever attempt at an old chestnut, the holiday record. Our cover of “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” for The Onion’s AV Club several years ago has been a holiday favorite with the Crazies and we’ve decided that it’s time for an entire record filled with soon to be magical songs and memories associated with the holiday seasons. We’ve indicated a few of the songs we’re going to do in the campaign, but there’s room for many, many more to come. Some of those will be selected by us and some by you, the Crazies, as part of the campaign.

The second disc, the “Chill Out!” record, is another new venture for us. Dick Valentine has been doing live acoustic performances for several years, and he often includes E6 songs in his set. We’ve decided to perform and record a live acoustic set by the entire band. We’re doing it on March 21, 2018 at Small’s in Hamtramck, Michigan (DaVe’s bar/club) and we think it’s going to offer an entirely different perspective on the songs the band opts to do. Again, as with the holiday record, we’ve indicated a few songs which will be part of the set in the campaign, but there will be many more to come via our selections and those of the Crazies. Believe it or not, this may be one of the most challenging things the band has ever done, but Electric Six is ready to step up and face the (non-electrical) music. Now, it should be understood that delivery of these records and all the associated packages will not happen as part of the current holiday seasons. It takes poor old Electric Six awhile to pull everything together, so you’ll get everything in October of 2018, in time for NEXT year’s festivities. The best things in life are worth the wait.

As you look through the campaign, you’ll see the usual wide variety of items on offer. Lots of old favorites are once again available, but we have a few new ones on offer as well, mostly those with a holiday theme. Dick Valentine-created holiday cards! A Dick Valentine stained glass night light! A customized E6 Christmas stocking! Check out all the great packages at the link below. Happy Holidays to everybody!!!

Click here to find out more and to take part.

Dick Valentine Announces Fourth Solo Studio Album ‘robocalls’; live dates

A post on skiddle.com to announce an accompanying live date has revealed the title of Valentine’s fourth solo studio album.

come one, come all to the intimate and festive occasion that is the dick valentine solo acoustic experience! experience a seven-or-eight-times-in-a-lifetime chance to be up close and personal with an american music icon. it’s a low pressure, good time affair as the electric six frontman strips down all your favorite songs from the electric six catalog, plays original solo material and swims in a sea of requested good-time covers.

this tour will be your chance to reach directly into dick valentine’s bag and be one of the first to buy a copy of his latest solo work “robocalls.” “robocalls” is valentine’s fourth solo album and there can be no doubting it will go down as his magnum opus. imagine mac demarco being spliced with gordon lightfoot…and you’ve got two canadians being fused into one. in the background during the splicing procedure, you might hear a trace of “robocalls” emanating from the anesthesiologist’s ipod.

so you know the drill….drop everything and come see dick valentine behaving as a cornered animal as he comes face to face with you, the fans. an night of merriment and frivolity awaits! come see the american troubadour dick valentine take the stage in your town for one unforgettable evening. you will not see electric six in 2017 so this is the next best thing!

According to a release on his Patreon page the album has mostly been recorded and includes a track called ‘The Room Where You and I Will Make Out’.

Nine tracks were done the other day at Figure 8 studios in Brooklyn (three doors down from Hood Hing).   The other three tracks are being done in Michigan with The White Wolf.  Gonna be a good one!

Other dates on the tour include York, Hull, Newcastle and Cardiff.

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