Here he is a list of everything released by the band.

Electric Six
Electric Six


The Wildbunch
An Evening With The Many Moods Of The Wildbunch’s Greatest Hits… Tonight!
Don’t Be Afraid of the Robot: Live at the Gold Dollar [GD-101]
Rock Empire [2 covers]
Rock Empire (Vinyl issue) (2020)

The Dirty Shame
Smog Cutter Love Story (2001)

Electric Six
Fire (2003) [XLCD169] (CD / Promo / CD-DVD Combo)
Promo (4-Track)
Promo (XLCD 169]
Promo [5-track]
Japanese release [SRCP 363]
12” Vinyl [XLLP169]

Senor Smoke (2005) [Warner 25646 2153 2 / MET 400](CDs / Promo)
Switzerland (2006) [MET 438 / IR5223cd]
I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master (2007) [MET 508]
Flashy (2008) [Met 559 / Round015-2] – CDs and vinyl
Sexy Trash (2008)
KILL (2009) [MET 614 / Round018-2
Zodiac (2010) [MET 679 / TMR-014] – CDs and vinyl
Heartbeats and Brainwaves (2011) [MET 475 / TMR017] – CDs and vinyl
Absolute Pleasure (2012) [MET 817 / TMR018CD] – CDs and vinyl
Mustang (2013) [MET 898 / TMR019CD] – CDs and vinyl
Human Zoo (2014)
Mimicry and Memories (2015)
Bitch! Don’t Let Me Die (2015)
Dick Valentine Raw (2016)
Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit (Soundtrack) (2016)
Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres (2016)
You’re Welcome (2017)
The Karaoke Experience Vol I (2017)
How Dare You (2017)
Bride of the Devil (2018)
A Very Electric Six-Mas / Chill Out (2018)
The Karaoke Experience Vol II (2018)
Live In Liverpool (2019)
The Karaoke Experience Vol III (2019)
Streets of Gold (2021)
Turquoise (2023)

Evil Cowards
Covered In Gas [MET 593] (2009)
Moving Through Security (2012)

Dick Valentine
Destroy The Children (2012)
Hallowe’en Fingers (2013)
Here Come The Bags (2015)
Quiet Time (2016)
Robocalls (2017)
Illuminati Bees (2019)
Bite Me (2019)
The Karaoke Experience Vol IV (2019)
Parrot People (2020)
This is Hell! (2023)
Do You Notice? (2024)


The Wildbunch
I Lost Control (Of My Rock n Roll) (1996)
The Ballade of MC Sucka DJ [FLB-105] (1996)
Danger! High Voltage [FLB-107] (2001)

Electric Six
Danger! High Voltage [CD1]
– XLS 151CD
Danger! High Voltage [CD2] – XLS 151CD2
Danger! High Voltage – XLS 157CDUS
Danger! High Voltage – XLS151CDE
Danger! High Voltage – (XLS 151CDS) Promo
Danger! High Voltage [Vinyl] – XLT 151
Danger! High Voltage (Vinyl) – XLR 151
Danger! High Voltage / Young Heart Attack
Danger! High Voltage (Unconfirmed Promo)
Danger! High Voltage / This Is The End

Gay Bar – Promo
Gay Bar – 7” Vinyl Promo
Gay Bar – XLS 158CD
Gay Bar – XLS 158DVD
Gay Bar – XLS 158

Dance Commander – XLS 170CD
Dance Commander – XLS 170CD2
Dance Commander (Radio Edit Promo)
Dance Commander [Promo CD]
Dance Commander (Promo 12” Vinyl)
Dance Commander – XLT 170

Vibrator [Promo] (CD / Digital Release)

Radio Ga Ga [Promo]
Radio Ga Ga [CD1] – WEA381CD1
Radio Ga Ga [CD2] – WEA381CD2
Radio Ga Ga [Vinyl] – WEA381

I Buy The Drugs (Digital Only) [MET 444]

KILL Tour Mixtape (Digital Only)

Jam It In The Hole / I Can Translate

Interchangeable Knife / French Bacon

Gay Bar (2003) (Promo VHS)
Radio Ga Ga (2004) (VHS)
Absolute Treasure (2014) (DVD / Blu-Ray)
Live In Liverpool (2019) (DVD / Blu-Ray)

Online Lockdown Concerts
Live from Quarantine (2020)
Halloween Spooktacular (2020)
It’s The Most Wonderful Time…Of The Least Wonderful Year (2020)

Special Compilations

The Wildbunch
X-Mas Surprise Package [FLB-106] (1997)

Electric Six
Ghettoblaster [MCBWGB 002]

Related Videos / DVDs etc

DIVINE: videos [NTSC] [Gay Bar] [NIC]
DVD Club Video Promo – October 2003
[Dance Commander] [NIC]
DVD Club Video Promo – February 2004 [Dance Commander (Soulchild Club Mix) [NIC]
Electric Six – The Bowery Ballroom
– September 16th 2006
ETV Vital Dance – September 2003 [Gay Bar]
Fuck this I’m going to the Annandale
[Friday 06 Gay Bar]
It Came From Detroit
[Archived interviews]
Later… with Jools Holland – Even Louder [Danger! High Voltage]
Total Movie and Entertainment – InsideDVD (August 2002) – ‘Young as Hell’ and original ‘Dance Commander’ video
Triple J Hottest 100 DVD [13 Gay Bar] [NIC]

Guest Appearances

2 many dj’s
As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2

Andy D
War Cries

Bantam Rooster
Big Mess (FLB-112)

Fall On Your Sword
Christmas 2013

Mindless Pleasures

Massive Horse
The Shrinking Planet

Mighty Tiny
White Dog Rough Again

Rock Show [XLS 159]

Troy Gregory
Sybil [FOR 1005]

TV Rock
Sunshine City

Other Compilations
Alternative Club: Nov 2003 (03 Dance Commander (Soulchild Extended Night Remix) [NIC]
Anthems of Ibiza [CD1 10 Danger! High Voltage]
Bang! Magazine CD [03 Naked Pictures]
Beggars Group Summer Sampler 2003 [01 Synthesizer]
Best Bands …Ever! 2004, The [CD2 1 Danger! High Voltage]
Best Air Guitar Album In The World! III, The [CD2 04 Gay Bar]
Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle OST [4 Danger! High Voltage]
Classic Cuts presents ‘Mastermix Anthems’ Box Set [CD1 Danger! High Voltage] [NIC]
Cornerstone Player [NIC]
Crash! – Indie Anthems 1982 – 2004 [CD 1 15 Danger! High Voltage]
Crusty Demons: A Decade of Dirt [CD1 12 Danger! High Voltage] [NIC]
Dance Now 2004 (CD 2 – 19 Dance Commander [Benny Benassi Satisfaction Remix]) – [NIC]
Digital Beauties .001 [CD 1 15 Synthesizer]
DJ Benny Benassi – Re-sfaction [09 Dance Commander (Benny Benassi Remix)] [NIC]
DMC Issue 70 [CD1 09 Radio Ga Ga] [NIC]
DMC Issue 71 [CD1 5 Radio Ga Ga (Vertigo Edit)] [NIC]
DMC The Official Hits Collection 2003 [CD2 10 Gay Bar] [NIC]
Drivetime [CD3 05 Danger! High Voltage]
Grandmaster Anthems [23 Danger! High Voltage] [NIC]
Huge Hits 2004 [CD2 09 Danger! High Voltage]
HVY.10. SUMOSONIC (01. Danger! High Voltage)
Jukebox Hits 03-02 [14 Danger! High Voltage]
Lab Mix NYC2005 [11 Danger! High Voltage] [NIC]
Large [CD2 Gay Bar]
Magicians OST [06 Gay Bar]
Magnet Magazine [NIC]
Mash-Up Mix 2007, The [CD2 – Gay Bar – Acapella]
Metropolis 2006 [03 I Buy The Drugs] [NIC]
Metropolis Re-birth 1.0 [CD2 01 Down At McDonnelzzz] [NIC]
Metropolis Re-birth 2.0 [17 Gar Bar (Live In Ibiza] [MET 9009] [NIC]
Ministry of Sounds – Back to the Old School Ibiza [NIC]
New Breed, The [Danger! High Voltage
Round Trade Counter Culture 2002 [CD1 2 Danger! High Voltage]
Salt + Pepa [NIC]
Smash! Hits Let’s Party On [CD2 05 Gay Bar]
Stick It OST [06 – Dance Commander] (Also available as a promo)
Sunfly Karaoke Disc 202 [Danger! High Voltage (Karaoke)] [NIC]
Triple J Hottest 100 vol. 11 [CD 1 14 Gay Bar] [NIC]
Ultimate Summer Dance Mix [CD 1 01 Danger! High Voltage]
We Love You… So Love Us Three [AMOUR17TX] Vinyl Promo
We Love You… So Love Us Three [01 Synthesizer] (Also available as a promo)
White Out [CD1 13 Danger! High Voltage] [NIC]
Winterzone San Miguel [NIC]

Cover Versions
The Detroit City Council – Party Planet Rising [Gay Bar (BBC 6 Music Acoustic Version)]

Other Releases by Band Members
Laser Destroyer Team – Always Sometimes Monsters EP

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