Sexy Trash

Released: 17th October 2008
Record Label: Independent
Running time: 1:16:20

  1. Immolate Me [4:36]
    Recorded in M’s basement, solely for the intent on providing to people that we weren’t a joke anymore. A little of that fire still burns inside of us today…
  2. I Know Karate [2:40]
    From the “original 8” recordings in M’s basement. I thought it was a groundbreaking idea to repeat the verse line over and over without change. I think I was listening to a lot of Afghan Whigs at the time and this was my interpretation.
  3. Baby Vs. Baby [2:28]
    I was trying to write a “French pop” song. This was a song about my friend from college who was in fact dating two women at once.
  4. My Baby is A Nuclear Winter [2:07]
    I suppose this was an attempt to sound like The Pixies. I think it’s a great recording for a basement recording.
  5. One More Time [2:31]
    Written around the same time as I’m The Bomb. I was listening to a lot of urban radio and this was my white ass interpretation. This song could have been an epic if followed through. Instead we recycled some of the lyrics for Dance Pattern many years later.
  6. Antisocial Sex Boy Hit Machine [3:27]
    This was the beginning of an attempt to record the song for real. It seems I might have been too hoarse that continue that day and we never returned to it. This song played live a couple of times, but no one was ever that enthusiastic about it. Good use of ‘center of my mind’ however. Bad use of faux British accent.
  7. Future Girls [3:25]
    Recorded along with a few others in an attempt to record a second Dirty Shame record. A synthier Dirty Shame record. That would have been weird. Lyrics later recycled for Kukuxumushu and Dance Pattern.
  8. I Thought You Was Dead [3:47]
    The same version that appears on Smog Cutter Love Story, the Dirty Shame record. Why is it part of this collection? Because the Wildbunch played it once. Once.
  9. Strike While the Iron is Hot! [2:30]
    From the brainstorming session for Senor Smoke. This was played live a few times actually. Lyrics recycled for Rubber Rocket and Rip It!
  10. Turn It Up! [2:41]
    From the brainstorming sessions for Senor Smoke. This song could have been a contender… a contender for bullshit.
  11. Telephone Conversation [2:40]
    Quite possibly the most perplexing song Electric Six has ever had to deal with. Clearly worth of a spot on an album. Has been played live to countless adoring fans. Why haven’t we recorded it for real then? Because it mentions a fast food chain in Southern California called Koo Koo Roo. We don’t want to get in trouble with a large corporation or product by name dropping them in one of our songs.
  12. Serious Help [3:34]
    From the brainstorming sessions for Senor Smoke. More recycled lyrics that would go into Rubber Rocket. Whole lotta recycled material in that song.
  13. Future Police [2:48]
    From the Senor Smoke brainstorming. This could have gone places. It’s funny to hear lush lyrical ideas without the lush lyrics. Some recycling of lyrics here that went into Bite Me.
  14. Living On The Sexy Planet [3:16]
    From the Senor Smoke brainstorming. At the time, I thought this song would be the “big hit” of Senor Smoke. I thought it was too catchy to be ignored. It was ignored and we were told the only thing we could do was release Radio Gaga as an Xmas single. More lyrical recycling for Rubber Rocket in here.
  15. Be My Dark Angel [3:30]
    Moving on to actual demos for Senor Smoke. This was the “drive around in the car and listen to it” version of Dark Angel for us to study and contemplate doing it “for real”.
  16. Devil Nights [2:52]
    The demo, driving around version for Senor Smoke.
  17. Another Song About the Devil [3:10]
    Heavy lyrical recycling for Mr. Woman and Something Very Wrong With Us. I must have been very upset at the time to write about bitches and whores like that.
  18. Self Destruct [1:26]
    Imagine Blue Oyster Cult working with more recycled lyrics for Rubber Rocket. It really makes me wonder…
  19. Bite Me [0:57]
    Original demo of Bite Me… acoustic style.
  20. Stepsister [0:33]
    Acoustic diddy that probably could have been an “interlude” on Senor Smoke.
  21. Filthy Blankets [0:16]
    Try to write a song like this! Go on! I dare you!
  22. I’m On A Diet [0:50]
    Laugh it up, fuzzball.
  23. People Like You (Don’t Like People Like Me) [2:05]
    A demo from the Senor Smoke era. A close cousin to One More Time. Recycled lyrics for Dance Pattern.
  24. Into the Roppongi [2:13]
    This is absolutely the techno predecessor of what would become There’s Something Very Wrong With Us. I think this would have conveyed the message effectively, but I like the version on Switzerland slightly better.
  25. The World’s Smallest Human Being [1:42]
    A ballad about body image and self-worth. Some recycling of lyrics for Dance-A-Thon 2005.
  26. I Wish This Song Was Louder [2:31]
    Sounds nothing like the Switzerland version. For the life of me, I don’t remember why we scrapped this approach. I seem to remember everyone liking it. Maybe we just ended up with too much material to work with by the time it was all said and done.
  27. I Buy The Drugs [3:33]
    Demo version. Sounds a bit more like The Flaming Lips this way.
  28. Down at McDonnelzzz [0:23]
    This was originally intended to be an “interlude” on our fourth album and released as you hear it. Fortunately we came to our senses at the eleventh hour and followed it through to be an actual song.
  29. I Don’t Like You [2:52]
    This was an alternative approach to this one. Alternative reality. Altered perceptions.
  30. Cold Future [4:05]
    This is from a last ditch attempt from Warner Bros. after we had basically turned in Senor Smoke. They said “we’ll get you some more studio time… go get us another “Gay Bar”. I didn’t have another Gay Bar so I recorded this instead. Minimal lyrics recycling for Night Vision.

Recorded in M’s basement, solely for the intent on providing to people that we weren’t a joke anymore. A little of that fire still burns inside of us today…

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