I’m On A Diet

Length: 0:50

I set a table for two girl so pull up a seat
White meat, dark meat, fuck it let’s eat
I roll up in convertable with bucket seat
Oh wowwww…

I’m gonna put my plug into your socket,
All these dollars burning a hole in my pocket
Roll up to the club and you know i’ll rock it
Get dowwnnnn…

I’m on a diet
I’m on a diet
I’m on a diet
I’m on a diet

All you motherfucking players gonna player hate
When you see me come around and I drop the weight
‘cos there’s a Jenny Craig open and it’s open late
At twelve and mound ‘That’s all I got’

‘You said at twelve [and mound?]?’
‘Yeah’ *laughs*
‘I’m gonna sell that to Tenacious D’ *laughs*

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