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Electric Six are a band from Detroit, Michigan. Formed in 1995 as The Wildbunch the band have gone on to have multiple studio albums, a live album and DVD, and a series of single releases.

Below you can find out about the members of the band and a detailed history of the group, alongside some other information.

Current Members
Tyler Spencer / Dick Valentine (Vocals) (Since 1996)
Christopher Tait / Tait Nucleus? (Synth) (Since 2003)
Dave Malosh / Da Ve (Guitar) (Since 2012)
John Nash / Johnny Na$hional (Guitar) (Since 2003)
Matt Tompkins / Rob Lower (Bass) (Since 2015)
Hypercube / Ray Kubian (Since 2017)

More information:
The history of Electric Six
Previous Members

Material you may come across
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Songs covered
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