Following a competition on the XFM website, many mash-ups were created using the lyrics of ‘Gay Bar’ and the lyrics and music of other songs. The ones I’ve come across are as follows…

1. Rock Your Gay Bar [1:59]
2. My Sharona’s Gay Bar [3:03]
3. No More Gay Bars [3:09]
4. Mickey at the Gay Bar [3:28]
5. YMCA at the Gay Bar [1:25]
6. Gay Generation [2:01]
7. Dance Like You’re At A Gay Bar [3:25]
8. Gay Paranoia [2:27]
9. Country Gay Bar
10. Tender Gay Bar [2:06]
11. Come As You Are Gay Bay (Stumpy’s Mix)
12. Fire in the A Bar
13. We Want Your Gay Dwarf
14. Alright At The Hip Hop Gay Bar
15. Gay Muppet Bar
16. Gay Connection
17. Therapy In The Gay Bar
18. Gay Times
19. Benny’s Gay Bar
20. Valley Girl In A Gay Bar (vs Frank and Moon Unit Zappa – Valley Girl)
21. Michael Goes To San Francisco
22. Trying Gay Bar Again (Aaliyah)
23. Fatboy’s Weapon At A Gay Bar
24. You Suffer At A Gay Bar (Napalm Death)
25. Rock Show At The Gay Bar
26. Blue Gay Bar (Eiffel 65 and the Transplants)
27. Problems At The Gay Bar (Sex Pistols)
28. The Game vs Gay Bar
29. Queen vs Gay Bar – Play The Gay Bar Game
30. Skank Bar Superstar (DJ Peakform)
31. Crazy Bar
32.Corky Sherwood Forest – Hrvatski + Electric Six
33. Danger! Ice Ice Baby

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