Quiet Time

The fourth solo album by Dick Valentine, featuring acoustic versions of classic Electric Songs. It was released digitally on 20th July 2016 and physically on the accompanying tour from the day after.

The album includes acoustic versions of at least one song from every major studio album from Electric Six and Evil Cowards since ‘Switzerland’ including the Kickstarter-supported ‘Mimicry and Memories’

1. I Buy The Drugs [03:49]
2. Wikileaks [02:56]
3. Steal Your Bones [03:33]
4. Alone With Your Body [02:48]
5. Show Me What Your Lights Mean [02:46]
6. Sex Wars [03:18]
7. Take Another Shape [03:19]
8. When I Get To The Green Building [03:46]
9. Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart [03:34]
10. Rich Kids [02:31]
11. The Band In Hell [03:16]
12. Doom and Gloom and Doom and Gloom [02:53]
13. Pink Flamingos [2:51]
14. Roulette [2:15]
15. Heartbeats and Brainwaves [2:41]
16. Iron Dragon [3:20]


Recorded 5/52016 at Figure 8 Studios in Brookyln, NY by Michael Coleman. All songs written by Tyler Spencer and published by Swiss Chocolate Music ASCAP. Guest vocals on “I Buy The Drugs” by Ramona Spencer.

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