Rich Kids (Acoustic)

Hillbillies, geeks, and everyone in between,
Are lining up to throw things at the rich kids.
Slick Willie leaks but he sure made lots of green,
Lying, just like the no good son of a bitch did.

And we are far from perfect, but we’re perfectly fine,
Happily sequestered behind enemy lines.

And we are one, with the gun that killed the fun for everyone,
And yes we have satanic lawyers who drink rum,
And skip on and on singing “Dum de dum”,
So eat your peas and wipe your bum.
The best years of your life are yet to come.

Everyone in the country, everyone in the city,
Are looking to take the piss out of the rich kids.
The princess and the pea sure are looking pretty,
As they are looking to break that spell that mean old witch did.

And we are losing altitude but maintaining flight,
Eating larger portions, taking tinier bites.

And we are dumb, but we still have the whole world under our thumb.

We just beat and beat on the dirty drum,
Sing along to the guitar strum,
The best years of your life are yet to come.

I never thought I’d make all of this money,
I never though I’d get to see the other side.
Now we spend our nights dressed up as bunnies,
Taking each otherĀ on a bunny ride.

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