Sex Wars (Acoustic)

We were soldiers in a bloody sex war
Without a clue about what we signed on for
But we fought the good fight
And we fucked each other down
I sucked the venom out of your bite
Went back for another round
Of your sloppy, sloppy buffet
Letting the chips falling where they may

And we tried it my way and then we tried it yours
Stopping traffic on the highway with our public intercourse
Of course we did now, didn’t we
And there was no remorse, no regrets of any kind
We were so unsightly, but we paid no mind

It was a sex war
And we were watching it unwind
From our front row seats on the front lines
And we were wide eyed, shell shocked, and messed up
Cracked actors ready for our close up

We were fighting for a perverse future
For every man, woman, child, and computer
And we had our instructions, so we marched into the fray
Where I sampled your love suction and you showered in my spray
And you didn’t know who you were shooting at
I didn’t care that your boobies were booby trapped

We were all in this together, it was just like Vietnam
Except with a whole lot more leather, and a whole lot less napalm
Less napalm
We watch in wonder as the enemy gets
on the receiving ends of our bayonets

This is a sex war
No truce in sight
Sending home body bags on every cargo flight
And we were killing machines
Letting all our guns fly, Sex Marines, semper fi

Our hearts racing every night as we hunker
In the dirty confines of our love bunker

This is a sex war
And we ain’t going AWOL
We’re letting God sort them out after we kill them all
And we were overstimulated American heroes
Fighting to prevent the next sex ground zero
Notified by unwanted knocks upon your front door
Fresh kills, casualties of sex wars

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