Heartbeats and Brainwaves

Released: 11th October 2011 / 24th October 2011
Record Labels: Metropolis Records [MET 475]
Too Many Robots [TMR017]
Running Time: 53:08

1. Psychic Visions (Nash / Spencer) [3:39]
2. French Bacon (Nash / Spencer) [3:38]
3. Gridlock! (Nash / Spencer) [3:14]
4. It Gets Hot (Duncan / Spencer) [3:51]*
5. The Intergalactic Version (Spencer) [3:11]
6. Interchangeable Knife (Jones / Nash / Spencer) [2:32]
7. Food Dog (Spencer Thompson) [3:58]*
8. Hello! I See You! (Spencer) [3:56]
9. Bleed for the Artist (Spencer / Thompson) [3:35]
10. We Use the Same Products (Nash / Spencer / Thompson) [3:57]
11. Eye Contact (Nash / Spencer) [4:13]*
12. Free Samples (Nash / Spencer) [4:20]
13. I Go Through Phases (Nash / Spencer / Tait) [3:44]
14. Heartbeats and Brainwaves (Nash / Spencer) [5:00]

Alternative vinyl cover:


Vinyl is split with the tracks starred as the last one on that particular side.

Electric Six is:
Percussion World
Tait Nucleus?
The Colonel
Johnny Na$hinal
Dick Valentine

Heartbeats and Brainwaves
Recorded February 2011 to June 2011 at:
Hole In The Sky Studios
Brooksfield Gentlemens Club
Headband Studios
Nashinal Sound Mobile Unit

Recording and production: John Nash
Mixing: Shawn Bradley at Fadernoise Recording
Mastering: Tony Hamera
Album art and layout: Kate Muth
Photography: Jack Shipps

Guest Performers: Mark Mallman, Renata Del Signore, Audrey Cichocki, Jason Pearce, Chad Thompson, Adam Cox, Liz Whittman, Andy D., E. Abbott Jones

Management: Christian Fuller
US Booking: David Kaplan, The Agency Group
Europe and Rest of World Booking: Alex Nightingale and Jack Notman, EC1 Music

Thanks: Jean Nash, Mike Andrechuck, Mike Ephraim, Melanie Mack, The Safari Inn, The Van, Solo, Swashbuckler, The Thompson, Cesar, Burroughs, Angerlilli and Tabbita families, The Alonso family, Paiste Cymbals, Pearl Drums, Vic Firth Sticks, The Tait Family and Abigail, Jared Richardson, Suzy Cole, Bill Wilson, Nick Bataran, Jesse Paris Smith, Blown & Co., Kate Muth, Susan Brandt, Martha Muth, Gav McCaughley, Steve Coombes, Emma Evans, Dave Malash, Emily marchand, Matthew McConaughey… and big oil.

It is the task of THE PRODUCER to collect and arrange sonic data for presentation, evaluation, and rock action. The human ear is still in its infancy with regards to the arc of evolution and no ear should be subject to presentation of sonic data without a reliable guide. If not for THE PRODUCER, the music listener would be subjected to negative ionic bombardment like that of a helpless wild salmon flopping desperately on the shore of the bear’s deadly jaws.

THE PRODUCER is often paired with THE PRIESTESS, especially if THE PRIESTESS is Canadian. However in periods of lunar volatility, the arc of the asteroid belt can be breached by negative ions. In this case THE PRODUCER is flung violently into a vacuum with THE DEVIL. This most notably became manifested in the form of PHIL SPECTOR. But this is a most rare occurrence, for THE PRODUCER is almost always content merely to compile, to create, to arrange… and then retire for the evening with little fanfare.

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