Senor Smoke Album Cover

Señor Smoke

Original Release Date: 14th February 2005 / 7th February 2006
Running Time: 43:09
Promo CD Release
Warner 25646 2153 2 [UK Release] – 14th February 2005
MET 400 [USA Release] – 7th February 2006

Señor Smoke is the second album by Electric Six.

Track Listing:

1) Rock and Roll Evacuation [3:36]
2) Devil Nights [2:56]
3) Bite Me [3:57]
4) Jimmy Carter [3:27]
5) Pleasing Interlude I [0:47]
6) Dance Epidemic [2:48]
7) Future Boys [3:08]
8) Dance-A-Thon 2005 [3:29]
9) Be My Dark Angel [3:17]
10) Vibrator [2:31]
11) Boy Or Girl? [3:26]
12) Pleasing Interlude II [0:27]
13) Radio Ga Ga [3:55]
14) Taxi To Nowhere [1:39]
15) Future Is In The Future [3:37]

Alternative Promo Cover

Published by Wall of Sound / Sony ATV Publishing except 13, published by Queen Music c/o EMI Music Publishing UK Ltd. All tracks produced by Peters and Peters, engineered by Drew Peters and Ben Began, recorded at 40oz. Sound, Ann Arbor, MI (, except for 11, produced by Zach Shipps, recorded in Hamtramck, MI and at Big Sky Recording, Ann Arbor, MI.

Vocals – Dick Valentine
Guitars – The Colonel and Johnny Nashional
Bass – John R. Dequindre, except 13 – bass by Frank Lloyd Bonaventure
Synthesizer – Tait Nucleus?
1-4, 7-9, 12 and 15 – drums by Matt Aijan
6, 10 – drums by Michael Alonso
13 – drums by M
1 and 14 – piano by Johnny Hentch
15 – additional vocals by Li’l’ mer Mer
15 – tenor saxophone by Bradley Stern

Art by Michael Segal LookGroup Design
Photo by Pieter Van Hattem

(P) 2005 Warner Music UK Ltd
ñ 2005 Warner Music UK Ltd

Album Trivia:

  • The album’s title is in reference to Aurelio López, a former relief pitcher of the Detroit Tigers.
  • Ahead of the album release; The track ‘Vibrator’ was made available as a free ‘Download Mix’ single on 18th November 2004. This mix was also a b’side on the ‘Radio Ga Ga (CD2)’ single.
  • ‘Radio Ga Ga’ was released as a single, complete with music video on the 13th December 2004 and is a cover of the hit-song by Queen, which originally appeared on their 1984 album ‘The Works’.
  • Their single caused some controversy in the UK due to the music video in which Dick Valentine appears as the ghost of Freddie Mercury alongside clapping poodles. This led to several media interviews bringing up the subject and the video page on the band’s official site stating the following: “Though some have claimed this video portrays me dancing on Freddie Mercury’s grave, actually it’s more like we are resurrecting Mr. Mercury for the duration of the song and his grave is the logical starting point.”. Queen’s guitarist Brian May is said to have enjoyed the video personally.
  • Demo recordings of the tracks ‘Devil Nights’, ‘Be My Dark Angel’ & ‘Bite Me’ was made available on the tour-only album ‘Sexy Trash’.
  • The song ‘Cold Future’ was recorded during the sessions for Senor Smoke.
  • ‘Taxi To Nowhere’ was an earlier song performed as The Wildbunch and can be heard on their 1997 live album ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Robot’.
  • The noise at start of ‘Devil Nights’ is actually just a sample of Dick Valentine singing the line ‘Sure as the sun gon’ be lost tonight, you owe me money!’ in reverse.
  • The track ‘Bite Me’ was used in adverts promoting ‘Shark Week’ on Discovery Channel, 4th-11th August 2013.
  • The song ‘Jimmy Carter’ makes reference to The Backstreet Boys song ‘Everybody’.
  • The song ‘Dance-A-Thon 2005’ reprises lines from ‘Improper Dancing’.
  • When ‘Dance-A-Thon 2005’ was played live on the KILL tour, it’s lyrics were changed to “Dance-A-Thon 2009”
  • The opening track ‘Rock And Roll Evacuation’ was written about ex-President George Bush, often when playing the song live, Dick Valentine will do an introduction involving the former President.
  • During the song ‘Dance Epidemic’ when performed live, guitarist Johnny Na$hinal is often known to play the intro riff from the Rush song ‘The Spirit Of Radio’ mid-song. This can be heard on the live album Absolute Pleasure.


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