Absolute Treasure

Released: February 2014
Running Time: 1:32:07
Digital Download: http://electricsix.vhx.tv/#buy

Songs in brackets were recorded but not included as part of the main set. They will, however, be on the bonus disc.

[After Hours]
[She’s White]
01 Down At McDonnellzzz
02 Devil Nights
03 Transatlantic Flight
[Pulling the Plug on the Party]
04 Future Is In The Future
05 Danger! High Voltage
06 Show Me What Your Lights Mean
[Randy’s Hot Tonight!]
07 Steal Your Bones
08 Hello! I See You
09 Gay Bar
10 Jam It In The Hole
11 Clusterfuck!
12 Body Shot
13 Synthesizer
14 Dance Epidemic
15 I Buy The Drugs
Dance Commander
– Encore –
17 Formula 409
18 Rip It!
19 We Were Witchy Witchy White Women

The second disc features the five tracks above that weren’t included as part of the main set plus an interview with Tyler Spencer interspersed with videos with Da Ve.

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