I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master

Release Date: 9th October 2007
Recording Label: Metropolis Records [MET 508]
Running Time: 50:33

  1. It’s Showtime! [1:53]
  2. Down at McDonnelzzz [4:01]
  3. Dance Pattern [3:41]
  4. Rip It! [3:37]
  5. Feed My Fuckin’ Habit [2:11]
  6. Riding on the White Train [2:48]
  7. Broken Machine [3:16]
  8. When I Get to the Green Building [3:54]
  9. Randy’s Hot Tonight! [3:04]
  10. Kukuxumushu [3:51]
  11. I Don’t Like You [2:53]
  12. Lucifer Airlines [2:49]
  13. Lenny Kravitz [3:06]
  14. Fabulous People [2:27]
  15. Sexy Trash [2:08]
  16. Dirty Looks [4:46]


(C)+(P) Metropolis Records www.metropolis-records.com
All lyrics by T. Spencer
Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 14: music by T. Spencer and Z. Shipps
Tracks 10, 11, 13: music by T. Spencer
Tracks 9, 12: Music by J. Nash
Tracks 15, 16: Music by Z. Shipps and J. Nash
Track 1: Music by Z. Shipps
Track 7: Music by C. Tait

Electric Six is:
Dick Valentine: Vox
Tait Nucleus?: Synthesizer
Johnny Na$hinal: Lead Guitar
The Colonel: Lead Guitar
Percussion World: Drums
Smorgasbord: Bass

Additional Musicians:
Stunt guitar on mcdonnelzzz by jaxzon s. o’leary
Stunt guitar on habit by longmont potion castle
Saxophone on mcdonnelzzz and dirty looks by brad stern
Piano on showtime! by ross westerbur
Clarinet on showtime! by jim wyse
Background vox on Lucifer and kukuxumushu by suzanne cole

Produced by Zach Shipps
Recorded at hamtramck sound machine and big sky recording
Piano on showtime! recorded at tempermill studios
Mastered by tom baker at precision mastering
Artwork by ron zakrin
Photography by alicia gbur
Layout by 12ax7

Thanks: Dave heckman, kate muth, the sheik, dark mundon, chris peters, dan carroll, geoff michael, chris duress, dave feeny, chene koppitz, jack notman, alex nightingale, steve coombes, dave kaplan, marc bauer, stephen, brandon and leanne GC, darren grow, sarah cartino, dike mundon, anthony garth, cort johns, justin lowe, briana bonocini, amada and zvex, heatherley howard, vince williams, holly huizinga, carey gustafson, troy gregory, eddie spaghetti, dan russel, mike koontz, clark, ryan, izzy, augie vee, matt aljian, the tophe, andy grimm, don brown, michelle annoo, jeff hupp, gus van go, pasite, vic firth.

The title of this record is the same as a drawing by george grosz.

(C) 2007 electric six


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