Fire Album Cover


Release Date: 30th June 2003
Recording Label: XL Recordings
Running Time: 38:11
XLCD 169 [Original CD release]
XLCD 169 [Promo release]
SRCP 363 [Japanese CD release]
XLLP 169 [Vinyl release]
Highest chart positions: 2

Fire is a 2003 album by Electric SIx.

Track Listing:
1) Dance Commander [2:40]
2) Electric Demons (In Love) [3:06]
3) Naked Pictures of your Mother [2:11]
4) Danger! High Voltage [3:34]
5) She’s White [3:16]
6) I Invented The Night [3:17]
7) Improper Dancing [3:14]
8) Gay Bar [2:20]
9) Nuclear War (On The Dancefloor) [1:15]
10) Getting Into The Jam [2:14]
11) Vengeance and Fashion [2:46]
12) I’m The Bomb [4:18]
13) Synthesizer [4:00]
14. Don’t Be Afraid of the Robot [1:39]*
15. Remote Control (Me) [2:20]*
16. I Lost Control of My Rock and Roll [1:48]*
PLUS video for ‘Danger! High Voltage’*

*Fire [SRCP 363] Japanese release
The vinyl is split after ‘I Invented The Night’

Alternative promo image:

The Electric Six are:
Dick Valentine
Surge Joebot
The Rock-N-Roll Indian

With the associates
Tait Nucleus
Dr. Blacklips Hoffman
Jeff Simmons
Johnny Vegas-Hentch
Frank Lloyd Bonnaventure

And additional musicians
Matt Aljian
Jim Diamond
Deanne Iovan
Rachel Nagy
John S. O’Leary
Aran Ruth
The Sheikh
Kenny Tudrick

Produced by Damien Mendis and Stuart Bradbury for Soulchild ( Arranged by Electric Six, except ‘Gay Bar’ arranged by Electric Six with Soulchild.

Mixed by Stuart Bradbury and Damien Mendis at Olympic Studios, London, England, with Electric Six. Recorded at White Room Studios in beautiful downtown Detroit and Abbey Road Studios, London, England.

Recording and mix engineer: Stuart Bradbury.
Assistant recording engineer: John Smerek
Additional recording at Ghetto Recorders, Detroit, Michigan (Additional engineering: Jim Diamond)
Management / legal by The Sheikh (Christian Fuller)

Booking by EC1 (Europe) and the Agency (the Americas)

Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 Written by Tyler Spencer
Track 4 Written by Joe Frezza, Steve Nawara, Anthony Selph and Tyler Spencer.

All songs published by Wall of Sound / Sony ATV Publishing. All rights reserved

Made in England

Photography: Pieter M. Van Hatten (Craig Curtis @ Visvitre and Garry McLeod)

Design: Victoria Collier


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