Danger! High Voltage [XLS 157CDUS]

Overall running time: 13:28

01 Danger! High Voltage (Soulchild Radio Mix) [3:36]
02 I Lost Control (Of My Rock ‘n’ Roll) [1:48]
03 Remote Control (Me) [2:20]
04 Danger! High Voltage (Thin White Duke Remix by Jacques Lu Cont) [5:44]

Credits: Danger! High Voltage (Soulchild Radio Mix)
Written by Spencer, Frezza, Nawara and Selph.
Recorded by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders, Detroit.
Produced & Mixed by Damien Mendis & Stuart Bradbury for www.soulchild.net
Additional instruments and noises by Stu & Damo
*A Soulchild Production*
Dr. BL Hoffman – Synth
Jim Diamond – Saxophone
John S. O’Leary – Additional Vocal

I Lost Control (Of My Rock ‘N’ Roll) and Remote Control (Me)
Written by T. Spencer
Recorded and Mixed with Al Sutton at Rust Belt.
Produced by Electric Six with Al Sutton

Danger! High Voltage: (Thin White Duke Remix)
Thin White Duke Remix by Jacques Lu Cont.

The Electric Six are:
Dick Valentine – Vocals
The Rock and Roll Indian – Guitar
Surge Joebot – Guitar
Disco – Bass
M. – Drums

Published by Wall of Sound Music (ASCAP)

Front cover image by M.
Front layout by M. and Surge Joebot
Logo by Tom Deja

(P)2002 XL Recordings LTD. (C)2002 XL Recordings LTD.
The copyright in this sound recording is owned by XL Recordings LTD. 625 Broadway 12th Floor, New York, NY 10012.
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